Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pioneer HPM-700 Speakers

Pioneer HPM-700
The Pioneer HPM-700 is a high fidelity, 4-way, 4-speaker Bass-Reflex loudspeaker system designed by Bart Locanthi and his team of ex-JBL engineers, manufactured in Japan for the Pioneer Electronic Corporation from 1980 to 1983. Many still exist in complete working order, with all original parts, due to the speaker being engineered for endurance, reliability and longevity.

The HPM-900, were released along with the HPM-700. The HPM-700 was comparable to the HPM-60: a smaller HPM-900 with a 10 inch woofer. The tweeter and mid-range drivers on the HPM-900 and HPM-700 contained individual metal grills to protect the cones. These two speakers featured another new supertweeter design – one that more closely matched the 180 degree projection of the HPM-100. The woofers were constructed with graphite modulus – a stiffer composite material, and had foam surrounds. Also like the HPM-40 the cabinet was covered with vinyl instead of veneer

This Is my Pioneer HPM-700 speakers ,sounds very good,i want find Pioneer HPM-100 too

HPM stands for “High Polymer Molecular”, in reference to its then newly-developed high polymer molecular film supertweeter, a design that is used to convert electrical energy into sound to a degree that had previously only been theory. It is damped by elastic materials to prevent the deterioration of its best characteristics, and eliminates excessive harmonic distortion. It is housed in a plastic case, with the film (and grille) shaped semi-cylindrically in order to project the sound all 180 degrees around the front of the speaker. The HPM super-tweeter design has no dome, magnet, voice coils, or any moving parts at all. The frequency response of this driver ranges up to 25 kHz, exceeding the capacity of the human ear.


  1. I have a pair of Tamon cro 40 with a design much alike. I don`t really have a lot of info about them. Do you think they are related?

  2. I never heard about that speakers,sorry

  3. I am still using Pioneer HPM700. Very nice sound. Bought in the 80's in Japan by my father.

  4. I just picked up a pair of tanons and can't find anything about them