Thursday 24 November 2011

Vintage Receivers !

Sansui 990s 1975

The black European version of the silver US-model Sansui 9090 in a wood cabinet.
Top of the line receiver with 125 Watt per channel.

Sansui QRX 777 Quadrophonic Receiver

Rare european QRX-7001 version with black aplications on the front panel. This QRX is a complete allsource 4-channel receiver of extremely high performance standards. All decoders are on board. The giant power supply and the dimension wide of 540mm results in a weight of nearly 25kg.
35 watt per channel x4
60 watt per channel x2

Onkyo TX 4500 MKII Stereo Receiver

The first stereo receiver with quartz-synchronization for the FM band. Even the previous TX-4500 was a successful ONKYO upper middle class. Here the design has been optimized. For the display scale real thick glass is used. An expression of timeless elegance, in my opinion. A heavy receiver with high power for 3 pairs of speakers. 65 watt per channel.

Sansui 990 Stereo Receiver

Sansui 661 Stereo Receiver

Marantz 2285B Stereo Receiver

This receiver Model 2285B is a pure power machine with 85 watt per channel.A marantz typical oversized transformer gives the 2285B a weight of 17kg. It’s built with solid material to use for ever and ever

Technics SA-5360

1976 A small receiver from the mid-seventies Technics series. 45 watt per channel.

Marantz 2265B Stereo Receiver

A greater black Marantz receiver of the last B-series from the 70s. Looks better in a wood cabinet. 65 watt per channel

                            Photos courtesy of Oldsansui :


  1. thank you for all this japanese porn :)

  2. very cool. great photos. brings back the memories

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  6. Most impressive, Vladimir. Thank-you for sharing!

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  8. Nice photos ! Just as cool as looking at my rack at the real thing.

  9. Great site, thank you very much for posting. You helped me decide on a vintage receiver. I got a Marantz 2270.

  10. Absolute joy for the soul!
    Very nice pictures, remind me of my youth as a teenager, music was great and so were
    the stereo systems.

  11. where is here Harman kardon 730 twin?

  12. Nice rcvrs, nice speakers! Many TOTL and MOTL items and many bargains you got from 1997 to 2007.

    Hard to find those deals now it seems.