Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Nakamichi 1000ZXL Limited Cassette Recorder

The highest peak cassette deck of the limited build-to-order model which carried out the flush up based on 1000ZXL, and was born.
All using parts are hardened with a custom product, and luxury is incorporated, so that futility can also be apparently thought also to the quality of the material and finish of a chassis or a fly wheel,Furthermore, a pure gold plating is given to the front panel and a thumb, and the cabinet of the rosewood finish which uses the thrust board of native wood etc. is made suitable at the custom-made model.

In the mechanism part, vibrational absorption capacity is heightened more because it will be in the status that aluminum was sandwiched, at the same time it performs a black alumite treatment to the top layer of the aluminum chassis which has a big damping characteristics to an oscillation and improves a corrosion resistant.
And what it was begun to delete from the brass round bar is adopted as a fly wheel, and the wow and flutter is further decreased with big moment of inertia and a high precision.

The head part has the discrete 3 head stream composition which can perform exact azimuth adjustment.
Furthermore, a pure gold plating is given to the shielding case of the recording head and the reproducing head, the overcurrent which stagnates on a top layer is decreased, and the visitor noise is suppressed. Thereby, the modulation by a low-pass noise is suppressed at the same time it raises an S/N ratio.

The corrosion resistant is further improved to the main chassis used as the whole frame by performing a black chromate treatment.

The heat sink of the power-source part has performed the gilding treatment to the copper plate excellent in thermal resistance, contact resistance, electric resistance, etc.
Moreover, all the connectors of a circuitry perform a gilding treatment and it is improving the corrosion resistant sharply.

A.B.L.E. By loading of a computer, the azimuth adjustment of the recording head, the sound-recording bias coordination, the sound-recording regeneration level coordination, and the sound-recording equalizer coordination are automated.

The automatic-music-selection system by code memory and the RAMM computer are carried.
An encryptation is to 15 points and a memory play special NetWare program is possible to 30 music.

The transport mechanism which adopted the frequency-dispersion type double capstan and the vibration braking type chassis is carried.

function-logic-diagram peak level meter and the 4-figure digital tape counter of level range 50dB (-40dB-+10dB) are carried.

L, R, the three-point microphone input of a blend (L+R), and the mixing circuitry of a source signal are carried.

Owner's own name was engraved in every set, and also the security period for five years was prepared.

By using optional RM-300, a remote control of the tapes operation of all includeds is possible in RAMM. 


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