Friday 27 December 2013

Sansui QRX-7500A Quadro Receiver from Rainer

One of the biggest quadrophonic receivers from Sansui ever made.
Weight 27 kg.
35 watt per channel x4

Technics 1500 Christmas Edition :)

Saturday 14 December 2013

Thorens TD-124 Turntable with SME 3009 S2 Tonearm Painting Photoshop

Thorens TD-124 Turntable with SME 3009 S2 Tonearm

Thorens TD-124 Turntable with SME 3009 S2 Tonearm
TD stands for "tourne-disque" which means literally "record turner" in French. The Thorens TD-124 might be one of the most famous 'audiophile' vintage turntables every made, although some might say that title should go to the Garrard 301 grease bearing turntable. Serious music lovers and audiophiles alike were very fond of this transcription turntable and combined it with tone arms from Ortofon and SME, and with cartridges from Shure and Ortofon.
The Thorens TD124 has an iron cast platter weighing 4.3 kg, sometimes a bit more. It is driven by a relatively strong 10 Watt motor.
AC 4pole induction motor, belt/idler wheel drive, 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm, mechanically switched, pitch, platter weight 4.5 kg (cast iron) or 3.0 kg (zinc alloy), top platter (aluminium) with clutch, manual operation.
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Wednesday 11 December 2013

Vega -106 Unitra G602 Made In USSR-Poland

Estonia 55 1956

С начала 1956 года завод ''Пунане-РЭТ'' приступил к  выпуску радиоприёмника 1-го
класса ''Эстония'' (Эстония-55) по году разработки. Футляр у приёмника изначально
рассчитан на установку ЭПУ для последующего выпуска радиолы, или установкой
ЭПУ владельцем. С конца 1956 года выпускалась радиола ''Эстония'', а выпуск при
ёмников прекращён.  Приёмников было выпущено примерно 8 тысяч экземпляров.
''Эстония-55'' это  5-диапазонный 12-ламповый супергетеродинный приёмник со вст
роенной поворотной магнитной антенной для работы на ДВ, СВ, встроенным ЧМ ди
полем и 2-х скоростным электропроигрывающим устройством ЭПУ-III, (в первых вы
пусках ЭПУ-II).  Использованы лампы 6Н3П, 6К4П, 6А2П, 6Н2П, 6Х2П, 6Ж3П, 6П1П,
6Е5С, два блока селеновых выпрямителей. Имеется АРУ,  ограничение амплитуды
ПЧ в диапазоне УКВ, регулировка полосы пропускания ПЧ в АМ диапазонах и регу
лировка тембров по НЧ и ВЧ.  Выпускалась радиола в настольном и небольшой се
рией в напольном оформлении. Диапазоны ДВ и СВ стандартные, KB1 36,6..75,9 м,
KB2 24,8...38,44 м и УКВ 4,11...4,55 м. Чувствительность в диапазонах АМ 50 мкВ,
УКВ 10 мкВ. Избирательность в АМ - 46 дб.  При приёме диапазон звуковых частот
50...5000 Гц, в диапазоне УКВ - 40...13000 Гц, при работе ЭПУ - 60...10000 Гц. Мощ
ность, потребляемая от сети 120/140 Вт. Г абариты 600х435х360 мм. Вес - 23/25 кг

Monday 2 December 2013

EXCLUSIVE model3401-W

The floor type speaker system which kept the basics faithfully on the basis of the ideal "the speaker which forgets an entity of an audio equipment and can be fascinated by the music itself", and maintained the whole balance for the completeness of each unit with slight height on it.

EL-403 which is a 40cm cone type Woofer is adopted as low-pass.
Newly developed cone paper is used for the diaphragm, and low-pass distortion is reduced by the highly efficient low-distortion magnetic circuit by an AlNiCo-Magnet.

ED-915 of a driver unit and horn EH-351S are adopted as a mid-high range.
ED-915 has realized a 22kHz high region play with the large diameter of 48mm in diameter using the ultralight diaphragm made from a beryllium. Moreover, the Mie slit type was adopted as the fading plug, and the super-precision instrument manipulation and the interval have improved the transient. The AlNiCo-Magnet is adopted as a magnet.
EH-351S of a wood sectoral horn -- the 1st phon and the birch of precision aluminum casting -- it is constituted by wooden [ made of plywood / the 2nd phon of ].

ET-703 which is a horn type super tweeter is adopted as a super-high region.
The combination of a high flux density magnetic circuit with a beryllium diaphragm 35mm in diameter and a rare earth magnet has realized a 45kHz high region play.
Moreover, the horn part serves as a diffraction type with a large directivity.

EN-907 is adopted as a network part.
The design which is equal also to a maximum of 300W input is performed, and a tone-quality modification, such as using the metallized film type focused on a tone quality for a Low-noise-izing, the reduction in direct current resistance, and a capacitor, is aimed at in the coil.
Moreover, the panel side is equipped with the termination for multi-amplifier which is easy to use.

Friday 29 November 2013

SME- The Best Pick-Arm In The World

SME produce arguably the finest precision gramophone pick-up arms and turntables in the world. To own an SME product is to possess a jewel of near perfection in both performance and construction.
The original company was formed in 1946 under the title The Scale Model Equipment Company Limited to manufacture scale models and detail parts for the model engineering trade. During the 1950's movement was away from model making to precision engineering, principally parts for aircraft instruments and business machines.

In 1959 Alastair Robertson-Aikman, the Company's founder, required a pick-up arm for his own use and an experimental model was built. It received such an enthusiastic reception from friends in the sound industry that it was decided to produce it commercially and the first SME precision pick-up arm appeared in September 1959. Production was 25 units per week composed entirely of individually machined components. At this time a new factory situated in Mill Road, Steyning was opened and the Company's name was changed to SME Limited, a less committal title to suit its new activities.

SME now has over 60 years experience in high quality precision engineering and the Company's plant at Steyning is now probably the largest and best equipped devoted to the manufacture of precision pick-up arms and turntables.

To maintain the very high standards of quality all manufacture and processing is carried out 'in house'. Facilities commence with design and toolmaking through all aspects of manufacturing including CNC machining, pressure die-casting, injection moulding, metal finishing, electro-plating, anodising and many other processes.

Inspection at every stage of manufacture and assembly is particularly critical and ensures the consistent standards for which the Company's products are noted. In 1992 our quality assurance system was formally accredited under BS EN ISO 9001
The present manufacturing programme consists of five precision turntables and twelve standard pick-up arms which together with special models offer a very wide range of application.SME precision pick-up arms are exported to almost every country of the world and are available through agents supported by direct service from the factory to the customer.