Friday, 2 May 2014

Technics EAA-2010/SU-2010/SU-50A/Technics 50A Integrated Amplifier

The solid-state Integrated Amplifier which compiled into one book and completed a series of tube amplifier development technologies of Technics 10A, 20A, 30A, and 40A.
The model number is changed 3 times with EAA-2010, SU-2010, and SU-50A.

The differential-amplification circuitry of a two-step stream composition and the OCL circuitry by 2 power-source schemes are used for a main-amplifier part, and it constitutes the whole page hardwired-connection circuitry. By circuitry without an output capacitor, the low-pass property is improving and the stability and the linearity are also improving.

The equalizer stage of a preamplifier part is constituted from a three-step hardwired-connection NF type which used the low noise PNP transistor, and high S/N has been obtained while canceling the shortage of a dynamic range.

The scheme original with technics which used the special Dual-unit volume is adopted as a tone control circuit.
This scheme has a special structure which combined the silver conductor and the resistor, in order that both of brushes may touch a silver conductor, all the capacitors separate from a circuitry, it becomes a circuitry of only a resistor, and a flat property is acquired at the middle point.

The protection network using four transistors and two diodes is carried.
In this circuitry, the automatic-control protective device which detects the operating point of a power transistor and maintains a safe operation, and the automatic revise circuitry by a temperature change are carried. Furthermore, even if an excessive electric current flows by considering it as a returned type at the moment, an operation is not interrupted only by a signal clipping.

The front panel adopts push-button-type an input selection button, a large-sized sound-volume thumb, etc., and is improving facility.
Moreover, if a switchpoint is turned on, the design from which the values of the front panel rises will be adopted.

The pre-out termination carries two lines, the Low termination of Output power 1V, and the High termination of 5V.

Four AC outlets are carried.

Two speaker contact buttons are carried.

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