Friday, 21 March 2014

Marantz 4240 Quadrophonic Receiver

The Marantz 4230 is created for stereo and 4 channel (Quadraphonic) sources. Marantz called the concept sonorous "Stereo 2 + Quadradial 4". Some quadro decoder systems are on board. For an optional SQ decoder, there is a recess in the base plate, it can simply docked. 
The rated output of 2x40 watts or 4x17 watts was always outbid in tests thanks to the Marantz typical transformer dimension. For the good FM reception with the possibility of multipath signal evaluation is a high quality FM front end module responsible. 
The versatile enabled receiver 4240 from the legendary first 70 series is true fun and gives an entirely sophisticated impression. It sounds like it's visual impression - great!

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