Tuesday 19 May 2020

Beo Sound Ouverture CD/Tape/Tuner

BeoSound Ouverture CD/Tape/Tuner
Manufactured: 1994 - 2003
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Black, Silver

"BeoSound Ouverture: the design may be a Bang & Olufsen classic, but BeoSound Ouverture and BeoSound 3000 refuse to rest on their laurels. Access to new musical sources and fresh loudspeaker options ensure that the concept remains an open invitation to make something special out of your music" (B&O catalogue 2001 -2002)

This stereo has two different names: BeoSound Ouverture in Europe and BeoSound 4000 in the rest of the world. This is the only stereo system, so far, to support the new MasterLink system without any add-ons. It's really a follow up to the Beocenter 2500 which was the first and original stereo with this somewhat different look. Along with the launch of this unit in 1991 (as the BeoSound 2500) Bang & Olufsen also started selling the new remote control - Beo4.

The difference between the Ouverture and Beocenter 2500 is that the newer model doesn't feature two-way communication and it has instead a completely new CD mechanism. It also holds some new features when it comes to the CD. But the most important difference is the MasterLink connection. With this system you can connect the unit to, for example, a BeoLab 2000 or BeoLab 3500 without any further electronics.

Reach out and the doors glide quietly aside, while a gentle light spreads from within. It's BeoSound Ouverture's way of saying, "welcome" and part of the experience every time you put on a new tape or CD. CD player with programming, tape recorder with auto reverse, FM/AM radio with pre-set, timer function, optional Beo4 remote control operation, connections for Beolink® and headphones, optional wall bracket and floor stand.

BeoSound Ouverture's unassuming rubber key pad hides a contact foil, which, in turn, covers a matrix of vertical and horizontal cords. When a control is pressed, the cords connect and the microprocessor is activated.



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  1. Чинный - благородный аппарат !