Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Thorens TD 124 Vintage Turntable Project With SME 3012R Tonearm And Denon 103R Cartridge

Thorens TD 124 Vintage Turntable Project With SME 3012R Tonearm And Denon 103R Cartridge

AC 4pole induction motor, belt/idler wheel drive, 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm, mechanically switched, pitch, platter weight 4.5 kg (cast iron) or 3.0 kg (zinc alloy), top platter (aluminium) with clutch, manual operation

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A brilliant example of Swiss precision engineering and craftsmanship.
Superbly different, the TD124 offers a host of exclusive features never before achieved in any other turntable, meeting the most exacting demands of broadcasting.
It's durability and performance specifications exceed NAB standards for studio equipment.
In the TD124, Thorens has incorporated many outstanding features that open the way for discriminating music lovers to new and greater enjoyment from their music systems.
The turntable is unmatched for monophonic or stereophonic sound reproduction.
The drive system utilizes an extra compliant belt plus idler wheel to isolate any motor vibration and special shielding of the turntable flywheel, eliminates any induction of stray fields by magnetic pick-up cartridges.


Speeds: 4-speed variable speed (+-3%)
Platter: 12", 11.5lbs table with separate non-magnetic aluminium shell cover
Drive: precision built motor with extra compliant belt plus idler isolates motor vibration
Power: 100/250V, 50/60Hz
Wow / flutter / rumble: exceeds NAB specifications
Tonearm: replaceable tonearm mounting board for 12" and 16" arms
Dimensions: 15" wide x 12 7/8" deep with 12" arm mounting board


WBTD..........wooden base (walnut, ebony or mahogany)
WBTD/OW.......deluxe wooden base (oiled walnut)
MBTD..........mounting board (unfinished)
AS-12.........12" tone arm board (walnut, ebony or mahogany)
AS-12/OW......deluxe 12" tone arm board (oiled walnut)
AS-16.........16" tone arm board (walnut, ebony or mahogany)
AS-16/OW......deluxe 16" tone arm board (oiled walnut)
WB-309........oiled walnut base for all 16" tone arms
CB-788........non-ferrous turntable
RTC-124.......roll top base

Classic SME tonearms - technical data
... and how to recognize the differences

SME 3012R Tonearm


Adjustable overhang, vertical tracking force, anti-skate and arm height. Later models had optional fluid damping.
Available as the series I, series II and the 3012R which was introduced in 1981 and featured a new arm tube, weight and lighter headshell.


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