Thursday 10 April 2014

Pioneer s-9500dv Speakers

Pioneer S-9500DV
139,800yen(one set, the 1985 release)

The 3 way speaker system by which the low magnetism leakage design was performed for the correspondence of audio-video age.

DRS (Dynamic Response Suspension) which induces the outstanding linearity is adopted as each unit.
The permeability of air is high to a Woofer, the small double twill damper of mechanical resistance is adopted as it, the newly developed chemical edge is used for a mid range, and the nonlinearity of back pressure is decreased by the sound control inside a chamber.
Moreover, the tweeter has changed the input signal into the air signal efficiently by the Mie suspension structure and a new model-like horn.

A 32cm cone type unit is adopted as low-pass.
A full-range voice coil and a low range voice coil are prepared for a Woofer, only a super-low-pass signal is added to a low range voice coil, and the EBD (Electronic Bass Drive) scheme which has improved low-pass electrically is adopted as this unit.
Moreover, a cut and the subpole of pole piece were installed in the magnetic circuit, the magnetic-flux distribution was made into the order symmetry, and LDMC (Linear Drive Magnetic Circuit) which eliminated the nonlinearity of the driving force by the swing of a voice coil is adopted. This is reducing the swing distortion to conventional 1 / 2 - 1/3.
Furthermore, the highly precise technology is supplied over details, such as DRS and an intensity up of a frame.
Moreover, leakage flux is reduced with the dual magnet scheme.

A 7.6cm dome shape unit is adopted as a mid range.
The phi76mm beryllium mid range is adopted as a diaphragm.
Furthermore, much new technology which prevents muddiness of sound, such as double dumping of an equalizer, is introduced.

The beryllium ribbon tweeter which Pioneer developed is adopted as a high region.
Leakage flux was reduced with the magnetic shielding cap, and the influence on the Braun tube is prevented.

The network is carrying out thorough exclusion of the king falloff which repeats a study with circuitry, an element, and a layout.
The balanced network circuitry (PAT.P) which prevents the leakage by a sorption and earth line of the counter-electromotive force of a Woofer is adopted. Moreover, the magnetic material leading to propagation distortion is eliminated until it results in a screw and a nut,The film capacitor in which ESR (equivalent series resistance) is lower than the conventional film a single figure is adopted as a capacitor, and thorough investigation of low-loss-izing, such as using the oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line of a very thick also for a choke coil and lead wire, and the low crosstalk is carried out.

The enclosure is also examined and designed from form and the quality of the material.
The high-density needle-leaf tree particle board excellent in the acoustic feature was used for the front baffle, and diffraction phenomena are eliminated by the round baffle which gave R to the corner on either side.
While this realizes the sound field of a natural spread, the transient of inside loud sound is improved greatly.
Furthermore, a symmetrical unit design is taken in so that a clear image lateralization may be obtained, and it has become a real cabinet of the craft finish using ebony material. 
Scheme3 ways, 3 speakers, a sealing scheme, and a bookshelf type
UnitFor low-pass: 32cm cone type
For mid ranges: 7.6cm dome shape
For high regions: Ribbon type
Play frequency band25Hz - 50000Hz
Output sound pressure level90dB/W/m
The moment maximum input150W
Cross over frequency500Hz, 4000Hz
DimensionsWidth 390x height 680x depth of 378mm

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