Monday 10 June 2013

Pioneer QX 4000

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  1. I have a QX4000, and I've recently had it serviced and brought back to like-new by a tech in NY. The QX4000 may only have 15wpc, but it doesn't behave that way. Fills my room with sound, especially in 4-channel mode. The quad matrix decoder isn't the best in the world, it gives a nice ambiance at best. It does have 4-channel discrete input though, and I hooked up my DVD player to it, and then phantomed the center channel and subwoofer. SACD and DVDA discs sound amazing in 4-channel! The sound from this amp is very warm and tube like, and it drives my quad of mini advent speakers to very loud levels. The phono stage is pretty good, and the tuner picks up way more than any of my other tuners. Overall this is a great unit, and it even looks handsome. I liked it so much I bought a spare :)