Monday, 23 January 2012

Technics ST 9600 Stereo Tuner

Technics ST 9600 Stereo Tuner
The ST-9600 is the tuner from the first series of Technics high-end components in the dark design and 19" versions of the 70's. A five gang variable capacitor secures sensitive, selective sharp reception. Everything on board is what makes a quality tuner.

The high engineering effort in design is typical for the time when the used material apparently played no role. The carefully attached real dialglass and solid aluminum front panel is a highlight for the eyes in the living area.

Dominated by the 19-inch handles are typical left and right. Technics has been able to set the time, even without the trendy blueface design (blackout-scale) is a milestone in the serious hi-fi segment. A true classic in the typical Technics look.

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