Friday, 14 October 2011

AKAI AP 002 Turntable

                            AKAI AP 002 very nice Turntable in mint condition from my collection


  1. Hi. A few days ago I bought this turntable, and i don't have idea how set the anti skate in the tonearm. Do you explain how it is please?

  2. Hi,this is very good turntable!
    The anti-skating mechanism on the AP-002 is based on a simple "lever" principle,Static balance type tonearm with inside force canceller and lateral balance weight.

    i recommended simply set like on my picture :)

    I have not user manual :(

    Some info here:

  3. Hi!
    Can I buy this excellent turntable?
    Answer, please on

  4. Turntable not for sale,sorry

  5. Hello there,
    any suggestion on which kind of preamp will sound good with this turntable?



  6. Hello Marta
    You can use any phono preamplifier from receiver and amplifier,vintage receivers and amplifiers from 70s sounds better :)

  7. Hi! I just bought this turntable and still need to set the needle. But when I try adjust the ant-slating weight it odes not want to go to the left (the tonearm). When I plug the recordplayer in it immediately starts spinning. But the tonearm is unable to move to the left. Do you know what the problem is? I cannot get it to stop spinning either.